Queer Jams of the Week: New Music From Reneé Rapp, Doechii, Anitta & More

Another week means another opportunity to listen to some excellent new tracks from your favorite queer artists. Billboard Pride is proud to present the latest edition of Queer Jams of the Week, our roundup of some of the best new music releases from LGBTQ artists.


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See latest videos, charts and news

From Reneé Rapp’s long-awaited debut album to Doechii’s steamy new single, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below:

Reneé Rapp, Snow Angel

Much like the titular winter fixture, Reneé Rapp’s Snow Angel is all about leaving her imprint on pop music. Throughout the rising singer-actor’s debut album, Rapp paints in broad strokes, employing soulful R&B and raucous pop-rock to create an accurate image of her life. The results come in the form of impeccably-written ballads detailing heartbreak and loss (“I Wish” and “Willow” immediately stand out), uptempo bops meant to stir your spirit (“Talk Too Much,” “So What Now”), or even an instantly-relatable queer femme anthem with “Pretty Girls.” From start to finish, Snow Angel serves as an unflinching self-portrait of Rapp’s not-yet-quarter-life crisis — and it leaves even more room for the star to bloom.

Doechii, “Booty Drop”

What more do you need to know than what’s in the title? Doechii makes a promise on her sexy new single, repeating again and again the she “can make your booty pop.” Turns out, she’s not kidding — from the killer bassline to Doechii’s effortless flow, “Booty Drop” is the exact kind of song designed to get you out on the dance floor shaking your money-maker.

Anitta, Funk Generation: A Favela Story

Just a year after giving us her killer album Versions of Me, Anitta is ready to give fans just a taste of what’s to come. With her new 3-track bundle Funk Generation: A Favela Story, Anitta dives head first into funk carioca, letting her buttery smooth voice glide over jumping bass and entrancing rhythms that will pull you in immediately. It’s a complete journey into Anitta’s Brazilian upbringing — and one you need to hear for yourself ASAP.

Demi Lovato, “Confident (Rock Version)”

Continuing her high-octane revitalizations of past hits, Demi Lovato is ready to boss herself up. On the new, raw version of “Confident,” Lovato gives their brassy anthem some serious edge by trading in new growling vocals and putting a heavy focus on the song’s slamming drums. Be sure to do some stretches before listening — because you will be banging your head by the time you reach the end.

K.Flay feat. Vic Fuentes, “Irish Goodbye”

Everyone’s experienced the Irish goodbye at some point or another in their lives — that moment when you look up and realize you haven’t seen your friend in the last 30 minutes. Now, K.Flay and Pierce the Veil’s Vic Fuentes are ready to give that practice its very own theme song. With glitching guitars, relentless drums, and some top-tier songwriting to help, K.Flay proves yet again that she’s a master of bottling angst into a much-needed release of musical dopamine.

Jamila Woods, “Boomerang”

While you may know Jamila Woods for some of her softer, slower jams over the years, she’s here to show you that she can give you plenty of reason to dance on her new single. With “Boomerang,” Woods picks up the tempo, turns up the synths and lets her breezy vocal do the heavy lifting, as she looks a little bit closer at that one relationship that just keeps on coming back.

Slayyyter, “Erotic Electronic”

Looking for something a little more racy? Of course Slayyyter is here to help. On “Erotic Electronic,” the rising pop singer strips herself down — no, literally — as she offers up all of the lengths she will go to in order to get with her lover. Add in some ground-shaking EDM production and a series of peaks-and-valleys synths, and you’ve got another club banger on your hands.

Calum Scott, “At Your Worst”

Sometimes, a heartfelt love song is all you need to get that nice warm feeling going — and Calum Scott is certainly capable of giving you that. “At Your Worst,” the latest from the singer, is a moving slice of pop balladry that sees Scott celebrating his lover even, and especially, in the lowest moments. The soft guitar and bass section certainly helps keep you interested, but the real star, as tends to be the case with Calum Scott songs, is the singer’s gorgeous voice.

Shamir, Homo Anxietatem

Anxiety seems to be the overarching theme for 2023, and Shamir is well-versed on that subject. Throughout Homo Anxietatem, the singer-songwriter seems to seek out, understand and eventually dispel anxiety, studying as many different sides of it — the pressure of stardom (“Obsession”), the stress of a relationship (“Our Song”), and the relief that comes in accepting your life for what it is (“Wandering Through”). It’s no surprise that an artist as talented as Shamir could turn anxiety into its very own concept album, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

Arlissa, “AUDACITY.”

Knowing your worth is important, and Arlissa wants her ex to know that they cannot afford her. On “AUDACITY.”, the pop-R&B singer grooves her way through a betrayal from her former flame, before coming out the other end stronger. The simplicity of the production mixed with the singer’s inimitable vocal makes lines like “you had the audacity/ to act like you can handle me,” hit that much harder on this burning new jam.

Check out all of our picks on Billboard‘s Queer Jams of the Week playlist below:

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