Reasons to experiment beyond nude lipsticks

From beginners to makeup enthusiasts, everyone can benefit from stepping outside the comfort zone of nude lipstick. 

“It’s important to remember that the most reliable judge of whether a makeup look or color suits you is none other than yourself. Your instincts and personal preferences serve as an infallible beauty guide, steering your choices. The shades that resonate with you and the styles that make you feel confident are the ones that genuinely matter. There’s no universal code; the only rule is to trust oneself,” says Muskan Jain, Brand Manager, at MARS Cosmetics.

It’s easy to lose the joy of self-expression in makeup, especially amidst our busy routines. What once brought us happiness and playfulness can gradually transform into a more utilitarian approach focused on concealing and correcting. The simple pleasure of selecting and applying a lip color can become stifled by the fear of making mistakes or going beyond the boundaries of what’s considered acceptable.

“This apprehension often leads many to stick with the familiar and safe territory of nude lipsticks. The fashion of minimalism has also impacted beauty preferences over time, leading to the trend of nude lipsticks, nude makeup, no-makeup makeup, and more. Several factors determine whether lipstick complements a particular skin color, regardless of whether it’s bold or neutral. As a result, a few adjustments here and there can help you become your expert. This holds significance because the choice of lipstick can often be a very important symbol of one’s personality.”

If you want to tip-toe with new colors or if you’re a beginner makeup enthusiast. Shreedha Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, of The Ayurveda Company, suggests using organic and naturally infused ingredients, as well as classic colors like deep reds, vibrant pinks, and endless browns lipstick could be a safer side to start trying colours beyond nude because those colours create a dramatic focal point while also accentuating face characteristics with a hint of mysticism.

“Stepping beyond nude lipstick can be seen as a form of self-expression. While the market is flooded with many brands providing different variations and colours, it is essential to note that the best ones are organic and naturally infused with ingredients that go beyond providing a mere tint to offering self-care benefits. Some options are enriched with Ayurvedic ingredients like beetroot to restore natural colour, Castor seed oil to deeply moisturise lips, and Vitamin E to protect lips from darkening, thus enhancing your appearance while promoting overall lip health. Dark lipsticks effortlessly complement various edgy, sophisticated, or dramatic looks. In addition to this, these vibrant shades can complement multiple skin tones.

“Bold colours like rich reds, playful pinks, and boundless browns create a striking focal point, enhancing facial features with a touch of mystique. Their ability to transform and define a mood, combined with their timeless allure, showcases the remarkable beauty within their darkness. I recommend everyone to sometimes explore beyond nudes, embrace the kaleidoscope of shades, and let Ayurveda’s wisdom adorn their lips with health, vibrancy, and authenticity,” says Shreedha Singh.

Hitesh Dewett, Training and Artistry Manager at Swiss Beauty gives seven reasons why experimenting with different lip shades can be empowering, fun, and a fantastic way to express your individuality.

Unleash Your Creativity: Choosing a lipstick color that matches your mood or complements your outfit can be a liberating experience. With a wide range of shades available, experimenting with various lip colors encourages you to embrace your creative side and develop your personal style.

Boost Confidence: The power of a bold lip should never be underestimated. Trying out bright reds, playful pinks, or daring purples can instantly boost your confidence and leave you feeling empowered throughout the day.

Accentuate Your Features: Lipstick is not just about adding color; it can also accentuate your facial features. Darker shades can make your lips appear fuller, while lighter ones can create an illusion of volume. Experimenting with different lip colors allows you to play with optical illusions and enhance your natural beauty.

Enhance Your Outfit: Lipstick can act as the perfect accessory to your outfit. By experimenting with various lip shades, you can effortlessly elevate your look, turning a simple ensemble into a stunning fashion statement.

Embrace the Mood: Different lip colors evoke various emotions. Red exudes confidence and glamour, while coral radiates a sunny, carefree vibe. By experimenting with diverse shades, you can effortlessly match your lip color to your mood and embrace the emotional power of makeup.

Stand Out from the Crowd: In a sea of nude lips, boldly colored lips are sure to make a statement. Whether it’s a sophisticated burgundy or a quirky blue, experimenting with unique lip shades allows you to stand out and be remembered.

Besides everything, bold colors do add a certain sort of differentiation to lips, whilst nude shades have become a staple, one should also have vibrant colors as they give you more options to play with your lip shade.


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