Revolutionizing Beauty, Asteri Unveils Desert-Resistant Makeup

Sara Al-Rashed, the visionary mind behind Saudi’s groundbreaking Asteri Beauty brand, shared her journey of unexpected creation. While her aspirations always revolved around portraying Saudi women authentically, she never envisioned entering the realm of beauty branding.

Growing up in a household of three sisters, cosmetics emerged as a medium to nurture bonds and convey uniqueness. After building a prosperous career as an interior architect abroad, Al-Rashed returned to Saudi Arabia with the germ of an idea that would unite all of her passions: art, makeup, self-care, and a sense of sisterhood.

The entrepreneur claimed in an interview with Arab News that she based her brand on the customs and settings of the Middle East.

The goods from Al-Rashed are “desert proof,” which refers to the fact that they were particularly designed and put through stringent laboratory tests to ensure they resist the many conditions of the desert, from high winds and heavy humidity to air conditioning and extremely dry heat. Al-Rashed emphasized that the formulae exemplify Asteri’s cutting-edge, contemporary approach to cosmetics by performing at such a high level while appearing weightless and comfortable on the skin.

Crafted in Italy, Germany, and Korea, Asteri’s offerings are proudly vegan and cruelty-free, avoiding harmful components such as mineral oils, microplastics, talc, parabens, and sulfates.

In an unconventional departure from single-product launches, Al-Rashed released over 20 products simultaneously. The assortment spans from bronzers, concealers, and eyeliners to lip balms, lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, and more. Al-Rashed’s intent was clear: “We wanted to be able to do a full look from the minute we launch the brand.”

Asteri’s Saudi lineage finds its way into every detail, from the succulent pomegranate essence of Sweet Oasis Lip Gloss, a subtle ode to a beloved Middle Eastern fruit, to shades and titles evoking the desert’s vast expanse and its creatures. Even the packaging resonates with cultural motifs — Arabic calligraphy graces pressed powders, packages, and accessories, bearing the words “Sisters under the stars.” Echoing the brand’s modern interpretation of heritage, the color palette draws inspiration from the desert’s hues: emerald-green, gold, brown, beige, and blue.

The culmination of three years of dedication, Asteri Beauty debuted in May 2023. Al-Rashed envisions the brand’s global ascendancy and its role as a beauty industry trailblazer. “Our goal is to become a global name known everywhere and a trendsetter in the beauty business,” she declared, underscoring her profound aspiration to make Asteri Beauty a beacon of empowerment and innovation. 

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