Selena Gomez, Olivia Rodrigo, and Sofia Richie Agree: Short Nails Are *It*

Jin Soon Choi is a nail expert and founder of JinSoon, the vegan and cruelty-free nail brand we beauty editors love. She says short nails are trending, in part, due to Gen Z. “Short nails are practical, low-maintenance, and fit into everyone’s daily lifestyle, especially Gen Zs, who are into a natural and healthy lifestyle,” she says. “Many fashion designers are favoring shorter nails on the runway and in their editorials. Most high-fashion houses that I have worked on campaigns for are into short, natural nails. I still remember the hot-red or dark-red short, natural nails in Chanel Beauty campaigns, which were very chic and modern. I am so glad that this trend is back.”

Fashion might also have something to do with it. With so many dramatic and oversize silhouettes trending at the moment, manicures must complement them, not compete. “With fall’s trending fashion shapes (balloon sleeves, etc.) a long nail could look like a misfit with all that oversize detailing,” says Elle Gerstein, celebrity nail artist. 

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