Sloane Stephens Talks US Open, Her Self-Care Routine, and Partnership with Motorola

TV: What does your everyday beauty routine look like?

SS: I keep things really simple since I’m sweating and training multiple times a day, and often outside in the sun and elements. My two main daily focuses are sun protection and odor elimination. I am religious about sunscreen use and will preach it to anyone who listens — no matter how melanated your skin is, the sun spares no one!

TV: What does your gameday beauty routine look like?

SS: Match days are pretty much the same routine as every other day; I love routines and keeping things simple. Depending on how my hair is styled for that week, I might do a braid for the match. You can always tell if my mom is with me at a tournament because she knows how to do the cutest fishtail braids.

TV: What’s your beauty routine look like when going out?

SS: I don’t wear a ton of makeup usually because I feel like my skin always has something on it — sunscreen, foundation for photoshoots, etc., so when I’m off duty, I’m usually pretty natural. I love a good glossy lip, moisturized and glowy skin, and to have a great fragrance.

TV: When not in your tennis outfits, what’s your go-to style?

SS: I love fashion and pulling together outfits — street style is definitely my thing. I recently started an LTK so I can share some of my looks and pieces that inspire me, so definitely a humble plug there for a follow! I try to look pulled together so I can capture content when I need to, but also, I’m still an athlete and need to care for my body, so I’m really mindful of trying to wear comfortable shoes to avoid blisters. I [collaborated] on a swimwear collection with Kitty + Vibe earlier this summer, which was a really fun process, and I got to play more with my sense of style and designing with a diverse audience in mind.

TV: What is your preferred outfit when training?

SS: For training, I’ve been loving the FP Movement On Repeat Logo Tee and the Never Better Leggings. I love to match and have complete looks, so leggings and a matching bra make it really simple when I’m packing for a long trip or preparing my bag for the next morning. I’ll throw on a great tee on top and be good to go. Since tennis involves swinging the racquet and a lot of dynamic movement, I try to wear things that are tighter to my body so there isn’t a lot of extra fabric in the way.

TV: Favorite colorway for a tennis outfit?

SS: I’ve had a lot of fun this year with my sponsor, FP Movement, and am so excited for everything we have ahead of us. I love color, and we’ve had a lot of fun experimenting. During the French Open this year, I wore the same outfit in a different color every single round. My friends and family couldn’t even pick a favorite because they were all so fun. For me, I need the fit to be good because, at the end of the day, my outfit is not only a fashion statement but it’s a piece of performance wear for my job.

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