Stacey Solomon shares gorgeous holiday nails inspiration

Stacey Solomon has shared a video of the summer nails she’s sporting — and her nail art look is seriously stunning.

Taking to Instagram, Stacey shared a video of her nail art for the summer holiday period with her fans. Showcasing pink nails adorned with nail art — including a sweet starfish design and plenty of glitter — fans were delighted to see Stacey’s latest nail art inspiration.

Captioning the video, Stacey said: “🐚 Summer Holiday Nails 🐚 Omg I finally finished work for the next 10 days and am so excited to spend precious time with my babies 🥲 I walked into the nail shop and turned into my 8 year old self again and went full under the sea theme 😂 does anyone else do this and just go wild when it’s time for a work break? 😂🙏🏼 But I genuinely haven’t loved my nails in so long they’ve been knocking down chimneys & building walls for the last 3 months now so I’m over the moon 😂 Happy Wednesday everyone! Love you lots 🐚🌊🏝️ holiday here we come 🥹”

Stacey is known for sharing beauty tutorials and inspiration to social media — and this isn’t the first time that the star has opted for gorgeous nail art. Always one to showcase stunning and intricate nail looks, Stacey’s Christmas nails in 2022 were an absolute hit with fans.

Captioning a video of her gorgeous nails, which were adorned with a sweet snowflake design, Stacey said: “✨Christmas Nails ✨ I think these might be my favourite Christmas nails ever 🤩 i can’t wait to use my hands in a ridiculous manner from now on just to show them off. You’re so talented @nails_by_lauracord 🤍🥹”

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