The Kitty Cat French Manicure Is Fall 2023’s Most Dramatic Nail Trend

The end of summer can be a little dispiriting, but the arrival of fall brings one exciting change: new manicure ideas. Getting through the shorter, darker months is a little bit easier with a mood-boosting nail set, whether it’s a simple color change or elaborate nail art. While summer nail trends typically consist of flashy, bright color palettes, fall nails tend to emphasize moodier, earthier hues like matte mushroom brown. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t bend the rules to suit your personal preferences when it comes to designing your dream fall manicure.

Fall is one of the best times to explore nail art concepts, and Halloween themes are always a good choice. While designs like pumpkins, candy corn, and spiderwebs are perennial favorites each year, there’s a new kid on the block that’s simply the cat’s meow — the kitty cat French manicure. This purrfect nail trend combines the best of both worlds with an elegant, tapered tip and a cheeky nod to one of Halloween’s most iconic symbols, the black cat. Whether or not you’re a bonafide cat lover, however, you’re sure to enjoy this unique spin on an old classic. Ready to start sharpening those claws? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite kitty cat French manicures to help inspire you, just in time for the spooky season.

Ultra-sharp kitty cat French manicure

If you like your nails to have an edge to them, you can’t go wrong with this ferocious design. It’s a fantastic example of the classic kitty cat French mani, with perfectly tapered tips and a black color palette. As pictured here, you can even include a glamorous accent nail with a clear or mirrored effect for some added pizzazz.

Bold blue and gold cat claws

These wicked nails have slightly rounder edges than a stiletto kitty cat manicure, but that’s a huge plus if you’re looking to try this look out on natural nails. Plus, we love the thin stripe of contrasting color underneath the main French tip design — it reminds us of the flickering glint of a real cat’s eye. Try playing with other purrfect color combos, like black and green, to give this look a personalized touch.

Sweater weather kitten nails

If you count down the days until pumpkin spice season, love wearing oversized sweaters, and can list your favorite horror movies on command, you’ll probably enjoy this autumn-inspired kitty cat manicure. Keeping with the feline theme, this festive set features a hint of shimmering chestnut brown in each claw-like French tip. To ensure your nail art stays razor-sharp, use a piece of tape to block out the V-shape as you paint on your polish of choice.

Feline pretty in pink and red

If your Halloween costume happens to be Gloomy Bear or Barbie-inspired, this kitty cat mani is a perfect fit. These pink and red talons are a fun and flirty departure from the standard fall color palette, and they’re highly customizable. Add a little sparkle using a glittery topcoat, or keep things minimal with a matte finish. Whether you’re using tips or painting your natural nails, you’ll catch compliments all season long with this playful set.

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