Sweetheart French Nails Are Trending—And They’re Perfect for Valentine’s Day

February has officially arrived, bringing plenty of nail ideas. Struggling to settle on nail art this month? On one hand, you’re all in on Valentine’s Day–themed nails. However, French styles like the vanilla French nail are having a major moment. If only there was a way to do both…oh wait, there is! 

The sweetheart French mani is a modern and romantic take on fashion-forward French tips, meaning they’re your match made in heaven when it comes to Valentine’s Day nails.

“I like to describe this look as a French manicure meets Valentine’s Day,” Jin Soon Choi, editorial manicurist and founder of JinSoon, tells Glamour. “It’s stylish, sweet, and romantic and is a fun and creative way to add some flair to your nail look. I also love the idea of combining two trendy nail art ideas.” 

The trend combo also makes this look the best of both worlds: While clearly plenty lovey-dovey for Valentine’s Day, sweetheart French passes as a minimalist yet luxurious French mani at first glance, so you can wear the look well into March—and beyond—as you please.

“I always consider avoiding heart shapes on nails during Valentine’s Day because the design can be predictable, but I inevitably come back to it because it is sweet, romantic, and fun,” adds Choi, which is why she’s such a fan of the sweetheart French trend.

Sweetheart French nails are also surprisingly versatile—and easy to personalize. “These nails have a heart shape created at the tip of the nail, and can either be done over a bare nail or color,” adds manicurist Hannah Lee. All you need to create a uniquely signature look is to mix and match your heart colors, get creative with your base coat, and experiment with outlines and shading. 

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