Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie Is Raking In Marvel-Level Pre-Sales And That’s Fkn Huge

In some truly excellent news for all the Swiftie baddies who missed out on Eras Tour tickets, Taylor Swift is bringing her showstopping performance to the big screen.

Our lord and saviour – Taylor, duh – took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that she’s made a film of her almost three-hour performance called Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour which will be hitting screens in North America on October 13.

According to Rolling Stone, it’ll be screened at a minimum of four times a day in theatres. And in true Taylor fashion, she’ll be charging $19.89 USD per adult ticket. I know she’s doing it to stick with the whole 1989 album theme, but that is literally $30 AUD. Kinda expensive for movie tickets, no?

But then again, if you’ve missed out on concert tickets costing upwards of $400, I guess $30 ain’t too shabby to see the entire show in 2D.

(Image source: Getty Images / Hector Vivas)

“The Eras Tour has been the most meaningful, electric experience of my life so far and I’m overjoyed to tell you that it’ll be coming to the big screen soon,” Taylor wrote in the announcement.

“Starting Oct 13th you’ll be able to experience the concert film in theaters in North America! Tickets are on sale now. Eras attire, friendship bracelets, singing, and dancing encouraged.”

The film is comprised of footage from three nights of Taylor’s California shows. This very clever move comes at a perfect time for the ‘Blank Space’ singer, who is just about to wrap up the North American leg of the ginormous Eras Tour.

Since the announcement, ticket pre-sales have gone absolutely bonkers hitting more than $15 million AUD – and it’s still climbing. Deadline has reported that the film is expected to be raking in considerably more cashola by the end of the day, with distribution experts comparing the numbers with “some Marvel movie”.

The impact of Taylor’s release has already been felt by other filmmakers. Jason Blum, director of The Exorcist: Believer decided to move the release date of his film to make room for the Eras Tour flick. With the female-skewed horror movie targeting a similar audience, he felt it was better to let Taylor win this round.

Good move, king.

For the Aussie Swifites who missed out on tickets, never fear.

The official re-sale will be happening soon, and I promise you, I’m checking the official channels every single day to give you an update on when it will occur and all the details you’ll need to nab some tix.

But, if you do miss out on tickets once and for all, I just know Taylor will bring her film Down Under. Say what you want about Miss Swift but she’s a capitalist queen who knows how to get her bag. I highly doubt she’d give up an opportunity to milk this film for what it’s worth.

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