Teenager Offers Community Over Chaos in Flint Michigan

Flint, Michigan, teenage rap Phenom Armani G is raising funds to fund an August fundraising event for youth services and violence awareness.

So many times the things that are deemed newsworthy are the losses not the victories, the despair rather than the hope. Does anyone even remember Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old from Miami Gardens, Florida, and victim of a state-sanctioned murder? If it wasn’t for the peaceful protests and rallies, Trayvon’s killer would have never seen the inside of a courtroom.

Fast forward eight years later to 47-year-old George Floyd, unlike Trayvon, whose murder was conducted in the cover of darkness and no eyewitnesses, billions saw the 8 p.m. cell phone video of the nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds of having a knee to his neck that led to another state sanctioned murder of an unarmed African American.

Trayvon’s death led to the creation of hashtag Black Lives Matter; Floyd’s death led to the movement flexing its Global muscles. It is ironic, people want to move, and wear their black lives matter mask, t-shirts, and hold up protest signs for the dead, but are dead silent when the living seeks out those same inflamed passions for community building.

All of America is aware of the deindustrialization of America’s Midwest. How the Great American car companies whose manufacturing might converted themselves into tanks and aircraft assembly lines to defeat the Nazis in World War II. However, after two generations, these American behemoths had no credibility with capital markets as credible borrowers, and had to be bailed out through the American taxpayer.

Time and time again, money is somehow found to build prisons, fight endless Wars, bailout poorly-managed multinational corporations, and Wall Street Bankers. We can show solidarity with dead Black lives but none for the living.

Since May, Americans can raise a combined $30,000 in gofundme for dogs [https://www.gofundme.com/f/keep-the-shelters-clear]; or Nick’s Cross Country Southern Tier Bike Tour
[https://www.gofundme.com/f/nicks-cross-country-southern-tier-bike-tour]; but only $30 for a Flint, Michigan, Black girl who wants to give kids like her growing up a safe place free from violence and to force those whose lifestyle create these violent outcomes to re-evaluate their choices.

Every newsworthy story about Black America doesn’t have to be about Doom and Gloom. If you are from the American South, North, East, or West, and have marched and protested for any of the Black martyrs of the last decade then step up to the plate for Armani G whose GoFundMe is for an event for the Black Lives who are living, rather than showing up outrage at another Black life laying amongst the dead due to senseless violence, state-sanctioned or not.

Hi everyone my name is Armani G I am from Flint Michigan I am 19 years old female rapper. I am here today to throw fundraiser for a event that’s called Let It Go. I am here to speak about the awareness of the violence that’s going on in our community as there’s no one helping us or anything I am here today to say we all need to come together to put the guns down our community not speaking up and there’s nobody reaching out to help us our children is dying our community is breaking apart. Why speak so low if you really don’t know flint. I Armani G here just one teenager just trying to make a difference in her city by leading by example. the donation will be going to the genesee county teen quest helps young youth find summer jobs all around flint and i appreciate anyone that makes a donation thank you very much and may God bless those all.

Now what are you going to do? Be reactive after another Black on Black murder, or cop killing of an unarmed Black person; or be proactive with this young daughter, our Shero, who is doing something now for us, the living.

Please donate to:
Fundraiser by Armani Gilmore : Let It Go https://gofund.me/7412e306

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