The Newest Manicure Trend Is To Make It Look Like Your Nails Are Blushing—Here’s How To Do It

A flush of color on the cheeks is a staple in everyone’s beauty routine. It makes us look more lively, youthful, and vibrant and even defines our features. So why not take that same concept and apply it to your nails?

Enter “blush nails,” a beauty trend with over 100 million views on TikTok that perfectly taps into our obsession with simple, minimalistic nails with a romantic flair. But before you make an appointment at the salon, scroll down to find out how to do the blush nail mani trend at home.

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What Are Blush Nails?

Drawing inspiration from the natural cheek flush we get when we’re shy or excited, blush nails are the newest K-beauty trend taking TikTok by storm. Designed to accentuate the natural shade of the nail bed, with a pink oval pop in the center, blush nails are a subtle and sophisticated way to dress up your nails for any occasion.

However, many TikTok users and beauty creators have taken things a little further by adding their unique twist to the popular mani style, making this trendy look even more fun, exciting, and versatile.

The perfect opportunity to experiment with different shades and tones of pink, from a light blush to bright fuchsia, blush nails are definitely a look that can be tailored to each individual’s unique taste and preference.

How To Do Blush Nails at Home

While blush nails might seem like something only an experienced technician could pull off flawlessly, TikTok users have found an easy shortcut that involves using products you probably already have in your makeup bag to get the trendy look at home.

Not only that, a plethora of tutorials on the popular video-sharing app show two methods of achieving the trend: using eyeshadow and blush, or for those who are more skilled with nail tools, a pink polish.

Whether you want a quick and easy way to get a perfect manicure or are a nail art novice but don’t want to miss out on the viral trend, here is a guide for both methods broken down into a few easy-to-follow steps.

Using Powder Products

The first thing you want to do when using the powder method to achieve blush nails at home is to coat your nail in a thin layer of translucent, soft pink, or nude base that will strengthen the foundation and give the detail something to hold on to.

Once your base is dry, you want to pick up a little bit of blush or your chosen eyeshadow shade onto a smudge brush and apply it in the center of your nail. Gently tap the powder onto the nail and feather out until the edges are soft and faded while the inside remains slightly more pigmented.

Once you’re happy with the intensity, seal your design with a layer of clear top coat, and voila! You have perfectly blushing nails!

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Using Nail Polish

Similarly to the powder method, you want to begin with a thin layer of clear, pinkish, or nude base coat that will protect your nail and provide a good foundation for your design.

After the base has dried, use pink polish and paint an oval shape in the center of your nail bed. You can do this by applying your nail polish directly on your nail bed with a thin, dense brush and feathering out the edges or by adding a drop of nail polish to a makeup sponge and dabbing the colored oval onto the center.

Once satisfied, seal your design with a layer of clear top coat for extra shine and added protection to ensure your blush nails last.

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Blush Nails Inspo for Your Next Manicure Appointment

On the other hand, if experimenting with nail polish, blushes, and eyeshadows isn’t your thing, and you prefer leaving intricate nail art to the professionals, we have compiled a list of some gorgeous blush nails inspo ideas to save for your next manicure appointment.

From delicate, barely-there designs to bolder, more experimental looks, here are our favorite blush nails out there:

Glazed Blush

Clear base, barely there blush glazed over with a pearlescent top coat is a cute way to combine everyone’s favorite glazed donut manicure with the newest trendy look.

Product to Try: Essie Nail Polish in Iced Out Top Coat, $10

Pink Flush

Minimalistic and topped with a barely-there pink flush, this design is perfect for those who want to keep things subtle and on-trend.

Product to Try: Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish in Fairy Floss, $12

Hint of Blush

Featuring a sheer nude base topped with a soft pink polish for a hint of color, this look is the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication.

Product to Try: Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish in Creme de Peche, $13

Flamingo Pink

Let the flamboyantly pink oval at the center be the attention grabber of your mani.

Product to Try: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Peachy Breeze, $7

Heart Detail

Adding heart-shaped accessories is the perfect romantic touch for your blush mani.

Product to Try: 3D Nail Heart Charms, $8


If shimmery colors and iridescent hues are not your thing, but you still want to take part in the mermaidcore trend, why not add a unique twist of sea-inspired shapes to your blush mani?

Product to Try: Le Mini Macaron Le Dottie Dotting Tool, $5

Peachy Blush

A nude base overlaid with a soft peachy shade is the subtle yet chic take on blush nails perfect for those who want to warm up their manicure with a cozier hue.

Product to Try: Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish in Creme D’Abricot, $12

Shine Bright

For a playful spin, dress up your blush nails with some crystals and rhinestones to add some serious sparkle to your manicure.

Product to Try: Le Mini Macaron DIY Nail Art Set, $18

Soft Blush

With a soft pink base and the faintest blush splotch at the center, this soft blush design brings an almost ethereal appearance to your fingers.

Product to Try: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Ballerina, $32

Barbie Blush

If you’re still under the Barbie spell, try achieving the blush nails look with a pink base and a Barbie pink blush oval at the center for extra flair!

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in I Quit My Day Job, $12

Vibrant Blush

For those who want their manicure to pack a punch, a vibrant pink oval at the center of your blush nails is the way to go.

Product to Try: Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish in Pink Orchid, $13

Romantic Flush

Embrace the romantic side of blush nails with a delicate pink base and a subtly deeper pink blush in the center. Finished off with tiny heart accessories, this design perfectly captures the essence of love and romance.

Product to Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in Telenovela Me About It, $12

Dynamic Blush

Adorned with a dynamic pop of color in the center, this look is the perfect combination of trendy and bold.

Product to Try: Nailtopia Nail Lacquer in She’s Iconic, $10

Pop of Orange

A nude base with a pop of vibrant orange at the center can instantly liven up your manicure and give it a unique twist that won’t go unnoticed.

Product to Try: Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish in Mango, $13

Closing Thoughts

Whether you prefer to experiment with the powder method or keep it simple with your nail polishes, blush nails are a fun and easy way to update your manicure without much effort!

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