Water Marbled Nail Art Is This Summer’s Funkiest Manicure Trend

Water marble nail art looks dramatic and artistic, but happily, they’re easier to achieve than they look. And with the variety of colors available, your choices for designs are endless. Use different shades of the same hue, or go for a mix of totally contrasting colors.

Prep your nails with a top coat and a neutral or white polish. Put lukewarm water into a shallow container and add a drop of the first color. As it spreads, drop the second color in its center. Similarly, drop the third color, and so on until you’ve got them all. Then take a toothpick and swirl the colors around in a pattern. 

Once you have a design you like, dip your whole fingernail in the water. Don’t worry about extra polish on your skin; that’s part of the process in this messy manicure — though you can protect your skin by applying liquid latex or tape (even Scotch tape), around your fingernail first. Hold your finger there as the polish dries on the water’s surface and remove the excess polish with the toothpick. Then carefully remove your finger. Use a Q-Tip or cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean off the excess polish from your skin. Once everything looks to your satisfaction and the nail is completely dry, apply a top coat to protect the color.

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