Weather Girl Yanet Garcia & Fitness Influencer Jen Selter Teamed Up For A Meeting Of The Booty

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If you were wondering if both Yanet Garcia and Jen Selter’s backsides could fit in the same room at the same time, the answer is yes. The two booty influencers once teamed up to prove that.

They even did a little working out of those famous backsides together while they were hanging out. There aren’t two more qualified influencers for such an event on social media.

Yanet Garcia Mexican Weather Girl
Yanet Garcia attends the “Overboard (Hombre Al Agua)” Mexico City premiere. (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

Yanet has gone from the Mexican weather girl with distracting forecasts to a certified health coach with a massive following of more than 15 million on Instagram alone. She’s a Screencaps regular and frequently goes viral with her content.

Not to be outdone, Jen isn’t far behind as far as her follower count goes and she has a ton of experience on social media. She’s one of the OGs in the influencing game. She also invented the term belfies, or butt selfies for those who aren’t able to put that together.

Her following on Instagram tops more that 14.1 million. Much like Yanet, she can send the view count through the roof fairly easily and does so on a regular basis.

Jen Selter Fitness Influencer
Jen Selter attends the launch of beer fitness Michelob Ultra at Reebok CrossFit. (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

The initial meeting of the booty took place back in 2019 when the two influencers first met and teamed up for a quick Q&A session before making some content together. Some of the content from that meeting resurfaced this week thanks to arrival of Jen’s 30th birthday.

Yanet took to social media and fired off a couple of birthday wishes for her fitness influencer friend.

Yanet Garcia And Jen Selter Are Quite The One-Two Punch

Jen, as you might expect, hopped on to reply to the birthday wishes. She left several comments on the two posts. She threw in some heart emojis along with calling Yanet her “bestie” and her “twin sister.”

Pretty standard stuff from two veteran influencers who are on friendly terms. Who knows? Maybe this sparks another meeting of the booty between the two of them.

I’m sure their massive followings wouldn’t mind seeing the two of them team up again.

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