Woah Vicky Is Reportedly Pressing Charges Against Chrisean Rock After a Fight

Woah Vicky and Chrisean Rock got into a fight, and now Vicky is taking legal action. Here are the details of what went down.

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Woah Vicky and Chrisean Rock attending industry events
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The gist:

  • While filming Baddies East, Woah Vicky and Chrisean Rock reportedly started arguing over a social media post that Vicky liked.
  • Vicky claims that although she apologized, Chrisean picked up something and threw it at her, and the altercation became physical.
  • Now, Vicky has filed charges in connection with the incident.

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Unfortunately, the world of reality TV is filled with disputes between various personalities. Over the years, folks have watched the likes of former LHHATL star Joseline Hernandez’s beef with Mimi Faust, Erica Dixon, Tammy Rivera, and more. Additionally, fans also remember Kourtney Kardashian getting the best of her younger sister Kim Kardashian in a fight on Keeping up With the Kardashians. In other words, physical feuds are endless on reality TV.

With that in mind, the rumor mill has been in overdrive about Instagram personality Woah Vicky and reality TV star Chrisean Rock coming to blows. While things appear to be muddy, depending on who you get your news from, it’s clear that something went down between the two ladies. Here’s the 4-1-1.

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What happened between Chrisean Rock and Woah Vicky?

Whew, chile! According to a now-deleted Instagram Live, shared by gossip blog The Neighborhood Talk on Aug. 14, 2023, Woah Vicky explained what exactly went down between her and Chrisean Rock. Keep in mind, Woah Vicky is stating that the incident occurred while the women were filming the forthcoming season of Baddies East.

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In the video, Vicky said that she liked a post on social media that caught Chrisean’s attention. The two women started arguing about the post with other people around.

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On Instagram Live, Vicky explained that she and Chrisean were friends before the incident transpired. However, once the ladies realized that Vicky liked the TikTok post, they told Chrisean. Vicky made it a point to apologize since Chrisean was offended.

“I don’t have a problem with saying sorry first,” Vicky said. “Like I said, I didn’t come on that show to fight.”

Vicky then explained that Chrisean didn’t accept the apology and accused her of playing scared now that she was being confronted. However, Vicky made it a point to apologize again.

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“No, for real, I’m sorry,” Vicky said. I don’t want to fight. I swear on everything, I didn’t mean it like that.”

Vicky explained that while another young lady on the show believed what she was saying, Chrisean wasn’t going for it. Chrisean then decided to pick up something and throw it at her.

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“My emotions were overwhelmed at that point because I thought me and [Chrisean] got along,” Vicky said. “I didn’t know she was going to believe someone she saw on the internet versus asking me.”

Vicky also said that if it wasn’t for the security guards, Chrisean would have attacked her. Vicky also said the security guards didn’t allow Chrisean to attack her since she’s currently pregnant. However, Vicky said that she forgives Chrisean and sent her well wishes.

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Based on Vicky’s explanation of the altercation, it appears that the incident occurred at a Baddies shoot — from her description of security guards, other women being present, and producers seemingly telling her to go to certain places and say certain things.

However, Vicky did say that Chrisean got loose and hit her, and she hit her back. Vicky expressed that other folks present could have helped her but they chose not to.

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“It was definitely a set-up, though,” Vicky said.

Additionally, Vicky didn’t go into detail about why she filed charges, we just now know that Vicky has taken the legal route. She also said that she doesn’t care about being called “scary” and “a rat.”

The post concluded with photos of Vicky’s face with cuts and bruises.

Zeus network founder and CEO Lemuel Plummer has discredited rumors about Chrisean Rock and Woah Vicky’s incident.

According to All Hip Hop, Zeus founder and CEO Lemuel Plummer is calling cap (aka nonsense) about the rumors of Woah Vicky and Chrisean Rock being physical with one another.

In now-deleted Instagram story shared by the site, Lemuel claims that the fight never happened on the set of Baddies East.

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Blueface and ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock on the red carpet
Source: Getty Images

“Chrisean Rock has NOT gotten into a physical altercation with ANYONE on set during the filming of Baddies East,” Lemuel wrote per the site. “Anyone claiming otherwise is ALL [cap emoji].”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that Chrisean’s ex-boyfriend, rapper Blueface, also spread the rumors, making some folks believe they’re true.

“SMH, I told her not to go on that show. Free my son,” Blueface wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Now that Vicky has filed a report with the authorities, it will be interesting to see how things move forward.

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