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We’ve been fans of The Cool Mom Co. founder Lizzy Mathis for some time now and are excited to be able to watch her and bestie Jessica Alba on their new Roku Channel show Honest Renovations.

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As working mothers and entrepreneurs, Alba and Mathis are all too familiar with the challenges and pressures that come along with being a parent. Follow both women as they renovate the homes of deserving families while having candid conversations about the trials and triumphs of parenthood. These life-changing home makeovers help make that transitional new-parent life a little bit smoother!

Check out the trailer for Honest Renovations below:

We chatted with Detroit native Mathis about how the new show reflects her down-to-earth and family friendly brand.

“This one is like nothing else that I’ve done before and it’s the fact that I can do it with my best friend to focus on families which I’m so passionate about,” Mathis told BOSSIP. “It’s just beautiful. We come in, there’s laughter, it’s funny, it’s real, but yet the transformations they’re not just surface level. I’m really proud of it. It’s a show that I could be proud of. The families that we’re talking to and we fall in love with and that the audience will fall in love with, then also the designs themselves is why you’re watching the show and I think you’ll really get some tips and tricks and learn stuff along the way and be really satisfied.”

Viewers will get the chance to see Mathis and Alba get hands on alongside their contractor Tinku — sometimes even taking the nail gun into their own hands.

“It’s funny, you give me a hot glue gun and I’m good all day, I will arts and craft it all the way but this was different,” Mathis told BOSSIP. “This one we were knocking down walls and using power tools. It was wild but I felt like it was something that I wanted to explore in this way because we really wanted to be hands on.”

Besides getting physical, the show also does an amazing job of connecting viewers with the families receiving renovations.

“There was one episode with a single mom who really touched my heart,” Mathis confided. “I was raised by a single mother so I know exactly what that what that life was as a child looking at my mom and so we really connected with her. I loved her energy and her spirit and her drive and her hustle anyway, I’m not going to give it away but one of the moments brought her in to help us knock down this wall and it was just such an empowering moment for her. It was so empowering for us to even just witness. It was just beautiful.”

Mathis also told us that, unlike some other home transformation shows, the families on Honest Renovations get to keep the furniture and other items showed on television — the items aren’t just for staging!

“The budget for each episode was dependent on what the family needed,” Mathis told us. “That was one of the things during the casting process too. We walked in and we were like, ‘Alright this family really needs their bedroom, like they need to have a primary suite that this couple can just go and retreat to.’ Everybody needs their space. This family needed the primary to retreat to and that primary suite led out to a huge backyard so that’s the space we chose to do. It just depended upon the family, what they needed, which transition they were going through. Not every budget was exactly the same, but not everyone needed the same things.”

“Also in our show what I’m very proud of too, a lot of home renovation shows they take a lot of the furniture afterwards — they take out anything they show it on TV and then they like take it away,” Mathis added. “One thing Jessica and I were super passionate about as executive producers on this show is just to make sure that what you saw, the families could live in after that; that it wasn’t going to be a blank empty space when we left and they have to redesign it and figure out how to reimagine it. We wanted to make sure that how we saw and how we envisioned it was for them. So I was super proud of that and and just making sure that these families were taken care of and that was really rewarding.”

You can stream Honest renovations for FREE on The Roku Channel now!

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