Mary J. Blige Drops New Iconic Earring Collection in Celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary

Mary J. Blige is showing her love for hip-hop with a new jewelry collection.

To celebrate the genre’s 50th anniversary, the “Good Morning Gorgeous” singer launched an earring line with her bestie and jewelry designer, Simone I. Smith, as reported by PEOPLE. Their capsule collection features two limited-edition large gold hoop designs, inscribed with “Fly Girl” and “Hip-Hop,” that retail for $399. The collection dropped on August 11, which was National Hip-Hop Day.

For the R&B artist, this collaboration is a nod to Hip-Hop and its achievements, and her lasting friendship with Smith. “Simone is my sister, so creating Sister Love just felt like us having an opportunity to create something that celebrates our sisterhood and the sisterhood of women around the world,” she told the publication.

“When the idea came up for a collection celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, it was another chance to create a collection that marked an important milestone in my life and in our culture.”

The collection is also a tribute to classic street fashion that has inspired countless music videos from the 90s, including today’s generation. Blige continued, “Hip-hop culture influences the designs for Sister Love — these are the earrings we wore growing up and are still wearing today.”

“These are the earrings that were the most popular — specifically the triangle hoops (what we call Tri-Bams),” she said. “They are designs that every fly girl from my neighborhood, and most stylish female rappers wore!”

The collection also mirrors Blige’s style evolution, as her music catalog depicts. In the early days of her career, the singer often rocked a pair of hoop earrings on stage and in her music videos.” My hoops are an extension of me. I don’t feel ready until they are on.” she shared.

“[Between] all the pairs I’ve collected over the years and now having created multiple collections with Simone, who knows!”

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