Fruit nails are dominating my feed this summer—and there’s a design for everyone

Whether you want to add sweetness to a simple mani or make your pedicure pop, there’s no doubt that fruit nails is one of the biggest nail trends of the summer. While blueberry milk nails have had their moment, this season we’re being introduced to a different kind of fruity nail.

And don’t just take my word for it—you only have to look at the top summer nail colours to see the fruity connotations. Coincidence? I think not. Whenever I’m scrolling through Instagram trying to find nail inspiration for my next nail appointment, I’m inundated with fruity designs that I can’t wait to try. In my opinion, it’s the sweetest nail art idea out there right now. 

Want in? Keep scrolling to discover all the different ways to make your next mani fruitful. From tiny cherries to hot chilli peppers, there’s something for everyone (and some handy how-to vids along the way, too). 

French cherry nails

The French tip on these cherry nails makes the whole vibe chic and wearable. You can’t help but smile when you look at them.

This is the how-to guide we needed. It looks quite simple right? If you don’t think you could tackle this, I just found out London’s Duck & Dry is offering this exact nail design in their salons.

Lemon nails

The combination of this artistic citrus design and the chic micro-French tips are all that’s needed to keep the summer vibes alive.

Fruit salad

Can’t decide on just one fruit design? If Y2K mix & match nails are back, this is the way to do them.

Dopamine dressing has been all the rage, but this fruit salad mani proves that dopamine nails are a thing, too.

Tomato nails

You can always rely on nail artist extraordinaire, Betina Goldstein, to deliver the goods. This is one way to really embrace a tomato-girl summer. 

Orange nails

Combining the top two nail trends of the year, this glazed donut finish combined with a citrus, fruity accent is making my mouth water.

Strawberry nails

While Hailey Bieber is talking all things strawberry make-up, her go-to manicurist shows how to go full out with strawberry nails.

Avocado nails

The green nail polish trend isn’t going anywhere, and I’m not mad about it. In fact, this avocado design is top of my to-try list.

Watermelon nails

The hot-pink flower accents mixed in with this watermelon design is just *chefs kiss*.

Chilli Peppers

We might not have got the hot weather we wanted this summer, but this manicure is certainly bringing the heat.

Get the fruit nail look at home

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